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26 Hallwylstrasse
8004 Zürich

079 3 721 721


Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


My hourly rate is CHF 150.-.
In select cases, i can offer consideration for the patient's financial resources.

Health Insurance

If you have supplementary insurance for complementary medicine, Shiatsu will covered by your health insurance, between 70 and 85% You do not need a doctor's certificate.


The treatment is performed in comfortable clothing on a soft mat (futon) on the ground. At the beginning, we will discuss your concerns. Then you will lie comfortably on your back or your stomach. The treatment begins with a gentle touch on the stomach or the back. I work with extensions and rotations and I usually lean out of the crab position along the meridians. I use my relaxed body weight. My focus is on the contact with your meridians, which means with you as a person. During the treatment we usually do not speak. It is a "dialogue with few words".


For the first session, please allow approximately 75 minutes, as we find an initial point of departure. A normal treatment session lasts 60 minutes. For children the treatment time is 30 minutes.

As a rule, a treatment series of ten sessions is recommended at intervals of one to two weeks. After five weeks, we generally take stock of where we are with treatment.

Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel a session, Iask you to notify me 24 hours before the scheduled date, so that the reserved time does not have to be charged.